Can hair salon be changemakers place?

Changemakers Salon
From a simple idea, using the space and/or time women and young women have to do their hair to challenge them to become changemakers, Ashoka Africa and the Salon Maodo Malick Dabakh are designing a multifaceted initiative “Changemakers Salons” with the goals of setting a trend across the continent and make it fashionable to be a changemakers. In clear to have the confidence and to act and participate in making positive change happen.
The latest gathering organize at the Salon M.M.D on August 28th 2014 mobilized more than 30 people and allowed a profound intergenerational dialogue. The age varied eighty two to seventeen years old.
The entry question was what’s your dream? Then Kine Dieng the salon owner’s bio was read and used to spark a conversation about disability and change-making. Life transforming testimonies were shared by people with disabilities about how they manage to face their challenges and contribute to their society.

Why Kine? Because she is not just a regular hair salon owner. With a disability in the legs since the age of three due to poliomyelitis, she didn’t enroll school as a child. When she first went to pay for training to be a hair-dresser the owner of the school refused to take her.
Today fast forward many years later, not only did she get her diploma in hair dressing from the school that refused her, she runs her own a hair salon, gives training for young women as hair dressers, and manufactures a line of sexy lingerie and is a food producer as part of the movement of urban gardening.

She always give thanks to mentor like Ndeye Dague Gueye Dieye Annette Mbaye d’Erneville.
Kine has identifies was the lack of drive the lack of change-making skills in the young women is set to find a way of using her hair salon a learning place.

The “changemakers salon” initiative has been launch with the support of
• Nyara bio Dr Aicha Conte who help redesign the physical space of the salon
• ISM through the student that provide with student interns to work on the project
• How Fund where Sasha Rasbey has show interest and gave seed fund to support the pilot

At the end of the gathering young women were invited to come for weekly small discussions to on their dreams and to find ways together in making them happen. The monthly gatherings will be continuing are intended to get larger as time goes.
Next month discussion will focus be on nutrition.

The initiative is looking more partners locally and globally to develop the pilot and to get to a bigger phase and to support young women reach their dreams.
You can reach us on,

About Ashoka
Our vision is To advance an Everyone a Changemaker world, where anyone can apply the skills of changemaking to solve complex social problems.
Our Mission: To support social entrepreneurs who are leading and collaborating with changemakers, in a team of teams model that addresses the fluidity of a rapidly evolving society. Ashoka believes that anyone can learn and apply the critical skills of empathy, team work, leadership and changemaking to be successful in the modern world.

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Do you want to inspire a new generation of changemakers? check this and take the FREE Ashoka teaching empathy course.

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Hank Sanders in the news

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Karima on resisting terrorism and fundamentalisms a must see listen and support

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Ashoka Africa in DC

I would like to invite you in the name of the Ashoka Africa team visiting Washington DC from the 23th to the 27th to join us in celebrating Transforming Youth Years.
We identify, connect, and support the growth innovative practices to build a new generation made of changemakers in Africa. Through our multi faceted programs, we are offering a new experience of being young in Africa. Come and exchange and partner with us about transforming education systems, in creating employment for youth, in bringing forth nutrient security and more.

When ? Wednesday, June 25th 6:30pm—8:30pm at Busboys and Poets (14th and V location)
The event will be held in the Langston Room and light refreshments will be provided.
We cordially invite you to celebrate this exciting time as we launch the Ashoka Africa Empathy Initiative

About the Empathy initiative
The Ashoka Africa Team seeks to catalyze a global change in how children grow up, such that success means developing the skills and qualities that allow a person to empathize, collaborate, lead, and contribute to positive change.
Our goal is to ensure every child grows up to be a changemakers: an empathetic individual who can work in teams to solve problems. To learn more the initiative contact Coumba Toure
Please share with your team and contact in the Washington DC Area.
To RSVP for the event please contact Amy Badiani at

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Africa lunch Roundtable exchange at the Ashoka Changemakers week in Paris

To answer tomorrow’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, Ashoka is gathering key Changemakers throughout France and Europe to design the future of social entrepreneurship, invent new models and create an enabling ecosystem to develop solutions at a large-scale.

The Ashoka Changemakers’ Week  in Paris is an exclusive event, designed for and by those who innovate, launch new initiatives and shift existing practices. The gathering is built around 3 levers of action to accelerate social change in Europe:

Social Entrepreneurs, to scale up ideas and create synergies that collectively maximize social impact.
Co-creation, to break the silos between Social Entrepreneurs, companies and public authorities and enable new alliances.
Changemaking Skills, to develop new learning in the education system and create a generation of young changemakers who are mastering empathy, leadership and teamwork.

I would like to officially invite you to participate at a special Africa lunch roundtable on Friday the 13th of June 2014 in Paris. We will bring solutions from Africa to inspire Europe. We will exchange about Education, Africa, Empathy and present pioneers Changemakers from the African continent like Karim Sy of jokkolabs ,  Aminata Diallo from Burkina Faso founder and director of Maia, Aicha Ba Diallo of  FAWE. Feel free to share with your network in Europe interested in Ashoka or Africa. Please let me know if you need any more information

All the best


see the link

Coumba Toure
Coordinator Ashoka Africa
Empathy Initiative
Tel : 221 77 638 35 13//223 66 75 3999
Skypes: Ashokasahel kumbati

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Silence Would Be Treason

Silence Would Be Treason.

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Singing You and Madiba

Hank Oumar Ba is Almost 4 year old. Mandela is his hero. He is serious about it.

He seemed very worried and tried for a while to find someone to heal Madiba when the news went around that he was very sick. For Halloween he definitely didn’t want to be a witch or ghost he wanted to be Mandela instead. So we had to figure out a Mandela costume that doesn’t sell in shops in Dakar. He even told me one day that Nelson Mandela last name is Ba like his name Hank Omar Ba.When with doubts I ask how and why he said: his name is Nelson Mandela Madi Ba…

He has a shirt that he calls his Mandela shirt it is a multicolored Ethiopian design clothes I brought back from South Africa, last night as I was negotiating to put him into bed, he didn’t want to wear pajamas but one of his Mandela shirt that we couldn’t find…

I rise up this morning with the news so we looked and found the shirt so he could wear it to school…


Even though everyone knew this end was coming. We now have to stop and mark the moment, pay respect to a transition of a human life.

We generally only say the good things about dead people but truth is the man was handsome, lucky, strong, and intelligent, he lived long enough to see some his dreams come through. What else could he ask for? He is a giant. I love him admire him as many people do around the world like little Hank Oumar Ba. He has defied death a long time ago.  He has found long ago the simple path to eternity, entering in the memory of children yet to be born.


As we celebrate him, as we celebrate his life, his gift to Africa and to all to justice seekers around the world, I also take this opportunity to celebrate many other giants, many who helped him be who he was, many who were part of the movement against Apartheid. I would like to celebrate those who raise him, those who supported him, those who protected him, those who fed him, those who made him happy, those who shared his dreams.

I also celebrate many invisible giants of yesterday and I celebrate you changemakers of today people who have been working, giving energy, sweat, blood, resources given your life for justice for peace. To mark Madiba’s death, I celebrate you and people like you who are making change happen, people who woke up this morning with your mind set on challenging injustice and bringing about change offering solutions.

May this be a moment to sing for Mandela and you. If it is true that the same fire moves you that moved Madiba.





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honoring Madiba Mandela, honoring changemakers

May this be the time to celebrate all the invisible giants inside and outside of South Africa, all the people that gave time, energy, sweat, blood and even lives to bring about change. Barbara with Mandela, we celebrate you today and with you many  more. I ask you please share please share names of  invisible giants you know from the present and the past so we start an infinite serie…
Suzanne Fau, Faya Rose Toure, Fatou Ndiaye Sow, Emira Woods, Ayesha Imam, Maria Diarra,  Guifty Guilla, Hope Chigudu, Sarah Hobson, Malika Sanders, Shilpa Jain , Fatim Louise, Michel Robins, Pamela Hunt,  Annette Mbaye Derneville, Bill Drayton, Patricia Sennequier, Laura Livoti, Alpha Boubacar Diallo, Diana Wells, Walter Turner, Benoit ouedraogo…
Qu’aujourd’hui soit aussi le jour pour rendre hommage aux gréantes invisibles partout, celles et ceux qui ont donné du temps de l’énergie de la sueur du sang et même leur vie pour que le changement arrive.
Barbara nous te  rendons hommage aujourd’hui  toi et  tant d’autres . Envoyez nous des noms de géantes invisibles pour commencer une  serie infinie comme Suzanne Fau, Faya Rose Toure, Fatou Ndiaye Sow, Emira Woods, Ayesha Imam, Maria Diarra,  Guifty Guilla, Hope Chigudu, Sarah Hobson, Malika Sanders, Shilpa jain , Fatim Louise, Michel Robins, Pamela Hunt,  Annette Mbaye, Bill Drayton, Patricia Sennequier, Laura Livoti,  Alpha Boubacar, Diana Wells, Walter Turner, Benoit Ouedraogo …
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