How are you Mama Africa ? I am fine I see butterflies

Greetings mama Africa

How are you?

I am here

 How are your people?

They are fine. They have no sorrowsI mean, there are some women, men, young women, young men, and children suffering but rising up, and demanding justice, fighting to get their voices heard.

You know it is my people’s turn to rise again. This is a good time for anyone who wants to invest in the future of the world to invest in my people.

Yes! My people are reading, learning, leading, growing, and working. They are hard to catch up with. It is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.

My people are re-learning to love who they are. They are growing new senses of identity, celebrating their diversity, their languages, their songs, their fabric, their hair, their skin, their literature, their values. My people are today their own healers, lovers, givers, guides, leaders, changemakers.

How are you Mama Africa?

I am here

 How are your children?

They are doing fine. They are growing in all the senses of the word, in numbers, in strength, in knowledge, growing faster than I can handle it.

I mean, they could be better off. Many are still being hurt and some are hurting each other, specially my girls.

I am still loosing too many children from very curable diseases, from malnutrition, from preventable accidents. I am loosing too many of them to violence. Also from the violence of poverty, from the violence of lack of opportunity and hope, from the violence of ignorance, but I am celebrating everyone of their success. As they are connected to my nerves and I know their names. They are my children, remember, each one of their lives matters to me wherever they are.

I am growing new hands, hands to touch them and to give them love, to embrace them.

My children are growing into an alert generation, increasingly demanding for better governance and accountability, for new forms of leadership. I am witnessing my youth rising and I shiver when the dangers lurk towards them.

Greeting Mama Africa?

How are you?

I am here

 How are your women?

My women are doing fine. They are beautiful, powerful, feminist, artist, activist changemakers, they are creating new pathways, giving birth to new worlds.

I mean: they are still hurting, even in their homes, work places, in the hands of family, strangers, under the threats of religions, arms dealers. They are hurting in an economy only built for a few to have much more than they will ever use.

My women are struggling, having to compete with the biggest investors even in the smallest rural market places.

My young women are taking over, developing new technologies, changing the meaning of leadership, so everyone can be a changemaker, so everyone can have the opportunity and the capacity to make change happen, to push the order of injustices and build truly robust movement to achieve revolutionary changes.

How are you mama Africa?

I am here

 How are your men?

They are fine. They are handsome, they are strong.

I mean, they are also struggling, they are not exempt. They suffer from the same violence of guns and injustices.

They are quickly loosing so many privileges, traditional ones, modern ones without any warning, some of them getting restless, angry and even deranged by it.

Many catching up to accept women being powerful and children smarter that their parents. They are coming back from migration, as Europe did not live up to his promises, as bankruptcy creeps in every home.

They have been sending more money than any aid or government program has ever provided and they are ready for a new world to be born.

They are reconstructing philanthropy.

How are you Mama Africa?

I am here

How are your rivers? Your lands? Your forests? Your animals?

They are fine. They are still abundant. There is enough for all, at least enough sun, enough wind for all of us.

I mean: they are getting lost every day, a lot is gone, forests clear cut to be just burnt for basic fire, animals disappearing, the blind following a trend that we know has not worked for the other parts of the world.

My lands are saying don’t grab me like that. It makes no sense at this day and age to waste so much of our natural resources.

My lands, my forests, my rivers, my animals are struggling. They have been leached on, sucked on for centuries.

Many flows of riches into the world are still through my open veins and my blood still fuel the west.

My lands are calling on women and children of the earth to be their advocate, as most of my people know there are more simple ways to be.

How are you mama Africa?

I am here

How are your institutions?

They are fine.

They growing stronger with time, adapting to realize their full potential

I mean: They are recovering from the confusions of their profound destruction, from the schizophrenia of past, present, traditional and modern frameworks, from the paranoia of being used against my own people.

They still have some weak governance, some poor leadership and management styles in business, in government and the development sector can still be so oppressive.

And sometimes even the places where we hope for the best in the feminist movement they are facing many challenges, sometimes mirroring the oppression they are fighting against.

How are you mama Africa?

I am here

 How are your leaders?

They are fine. They look so good on posters.

I mean: they are struggling to choose between just taking their cut out of the killing of my people or dying as martyrs in the hand of corporate bandits, under democratic government disguises.

Some are working to join the new forms of leadership multi-headed, hard to destroy or weaken so that when their work is done people will say we did it ourselves.

My leaders are challenged by the rising of Christian and Muslim fundamentalism. They are challenges by many extremism, conflicts, persistent harmful traditional practices and unfair interventions by externals political and military powers.

How are you? Mama Africa

I am here

 How are your friends and helpers, your partners?

They are fine. They are doing great. They are supporting me as much as they can.

I mean, they often miss the point. Most often, they say they help me while helping themselves. You know about Overseas Development Assistance used to further the colonial agenda, facilitating the criminal commerce behind. Some are fighting for changes.

I don’t want to get to the details but it is hard to refuse or accept an aid you have no choice about, when the whole world knows better than you what you need.

How are you? Mama Africa

I am here.

I have no sorrow.

I mean, on my mind is sitting centuries of slavery, colonial rule, force labor, hand cuts, violence, expropriation. Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering who I am

Yes! What should I do with myself after so many rapes and it is continuing in a legal form of unjust commerce done on the back of my children, my women; the winners are always the same.

My body carries all the scars and still, many of my cuts are bleeding, it is hard to heal when the hurts are often reopen, even sometimes by people who are trying to be just helpful.

My children are still separated; I am trying to make them understand they are members of same body. But I am doing fine because I can see butterflies like you

Can you see butterflies?

Can you see butterflies?

Colors and movements

In this moment

Butterfly flying around in all beauty

So many butterflies like you

Lend me more eyes to see you

So many more butterflies

Coming out

Butterflies in gestation

In metamorphosis

Living in fragility

In danger

Who will protect them?

I am fine I have no sorrow

I know new times are coming

For a humanity

Where poor, women, blacks are human,

I am fine I have no sorrow

I am just yearning

For love

For tenderness

For respect

For simplicity

For generosity

I am fine

Smiling, crying, moving.

I am here

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