Why Africa

Why Africa?
Why Africa?
For the African in each of us
For the beginning that still matters
For the respect we pay to our mothers
Because of endless and beautiful rich lands
Because of old grains nourishing generations yet to be born
Because of healing waters washing new and old sores.

Why Africa?
For youth, for vibrancy
For a never ending and wise melody
For daring to make changes again
Because of eyes opening colors
Because of beauty that forces you to look again
Because of diversity that make you even shiver.

Why Africa?
For the free sun caressing us from head to toe
For the music recalling all souls back to heaven
For cultivating children addiction for freedom
Because of all that is left in her-story to be told
Because of lullabies eternally recreated for the new baby
Because of the rhythm that wake your desire.

Why Africa?
For the gifts we learn to pay forward
For the families with no blood to tie them down
For new life within every life
Because of the creation of new meanings
Because reparation needs to be bold
Because bombs and virus have wings now.

Why Africa ?
For slavery and the festering of old pain over looked and unhealed
For taming the shame and mending broken link of humanity
For colonial roots of destructions
Because of what can never be stolen
Because of rebirth that is bound to happen
Because there are hungers that cannot be fed.

Why Africa?
For the dawn of new days
For shared joy unbound
For Justice
For Justice
For Justice
and Peace

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