THANK YOU for my happy birthday

On my birthday, I am listing the multiple gifts I have been received from life all these years, among them you family members, friends, colleagues …

On my birthday my  tradition is to celebrate my birth-mother.  She have the memories I don’t have of my birth day. Through her I thank all those who mothered me and kept me alive to this day.

I will be celebrating all week and even beyond so please join whenever you can.

Pour mon anniversaire j’égraine les cadeaux que la vie m’a offerts parmi eux, ma famille mes amis, mes collègues ceux et celles que la vie a mis sur mon chemin.

Ma tradition est de fêter ma mère-biologique qui as les souvenirs que je n’ai pas du jour de ma naissance et à travers elle toute celles qui m’ont materné et mon donné de l’amour de la vie jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

Ce sera la fête pour toute la semaine et même bien après.

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1 Response to THANK YOU for my happy birthday

  1. Seynabou says:

    Hey sweetie hope I am one of your most privileged mother it’s such a joy and happiness to have you in my life!! I will be celebrating with you the whole week !! Love you

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